Vehicle Servicing

We are one of Bicester’s oldest and most popular car service centres, with more than 45 years in business.

We carry out services for all makes and models of cars, and small vans etc. as per manufacturers recommendations.

At Barrie Plant & Sons, our car service prices are significantly cheaper than those you would expect to pay at a main dealership for a car service. Your warranty is not affected* by choosing a local ‘non dealership’ garage to service your vehicle. In addition, it can be far less disruptive to your day, and the service you receive is more personal, with full updates on any faults found, or extra work recommended.

Don’t forget, a well-maintained vehicle:

  • Has less risk of breakdowns and expensive repairs
  • Operates with greater fuel economy
  • Spends less time off the road
  • Is less likely to suffer accidents
  • Will last longer and perform better
  • Maintains its value when you come to sell or trade in

To help us save time, please remember to bring your locking wheel nut key and service book along to your appointment

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*NB – please ask to see our guide to the European Block Exemption Regulations (BER) 1400/2002 for full details on your rights on choosing a servicing provider.

Oil & Filter Change
Oil and filter are replaced with correct premium specification for your vehicle.
Oil & filter change is recommended at least once a year regardless of mileage.
Intermediate Service
  • Oil and filter replaced with correct premium spec for your vehicle
  • Check all fluid levels
  • Visual brakes check
  • Carry out under body inspection
  • Complete lights check

Recommended for those who do less than 8000 miles per annum

Full Service
  • Oil and filter replaced with correct premium spec for your vehicle
  • Check and top up all fluid levels
  • Check battery condition
  • Replace air and cabin filters if required
  • Replace fuel filter if required (additional cost)
  • Replace spark plugs if required (additional cost)
  • Remove road wheels and check all brakes
  • Check tyres and report
  • Full brake and fluid check
  • Full steering and suspension check
  • Full under body inspection
Our rates for additional work

Our standard Labour rate is £55 (plus vat at 20%) an hour which you will find is extremely competitive when comparing to a main dealer.

  • Diagnostic Check £42.00
  • Puncture repair £15.00
  • Number Plates £15.00 each

* all prices are subject to VAT